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Experience, quality and innovation

Plásticos Retractiles was established more than 30 years ago in Barcelona. As a pioneer in the manufacture and introduction of polyolefin shrink film. From its manufacturing plant in Torà, the company markets its products throughout Europe. Regularly, exporting films to other continents, with a special presence in North Africa and Central America.

Throughout all these years, Plásticos Retractiles has expanded its production capacity by incorporating new extrusion lines. The range of products has also been increased in response to new market needs and demands: hot and cold micro-perforation, corona treatment and printing up to 6 colours.

In order to face the new challenges, improvements and investments are being carried out to provide us with new technologies that will allow us to continue being a reference in the sector.

Efficiency and Functionality

These are the basic premises that mark the development of all our products. In such a changing environment, preserving these two values allows us to continue offering sustainable and profitable solutions.


Plasticos Retractiles is aware that today’s society faces very ambitious environmental challenges. The situation requires the effort of everyone and, mainly, of all those industries that can reformulate their production processes and become promoters of the total or partial reduction of waste.

Our priority is to respect the planet and we do so through a programme of continuous improvement that optimises energy use, reduces and separates industrial waste and reduces the use of paper and cardboard. These actions contribute to generating a more sustainable economy at a global level.

Recently, Plásticos Retráctiles has started a project to study the incorporation of organic raw materials in formulations, so that our products have a lesser impact on the different habitats that surround us.

In addition, the company has been proactively involved in the creation of a wetland in Baix Llobregat (Barcelona), one of the most threatened habitats in Europe. The reward has been immediate and different water birds have come to settle in the wetland, while other migratory birds have stopped at the small lake that now sparkles with vitality in an area of dry farming.

These are some of the projects and initiatives, which define our strong commitment to the preservation of the environment and species, helping to minimize the negative impact of human and industrial activity on nature.

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