It is a heat shrinkable polyolefin film of optimum mechanical qualities applicable to all types of machines.

Other finishes


Treatment Corona

This treatment provides a larger fixing power to the ink which results in a superior print quality.

Tratamiento corona

Green Point

The symbols of recycling and green dot indicates that the product does not pollute when it is destroyed and can be reused.

Punto Verde


Facilitates air exit during shrinking.
Allows a greater transpiration of products .


Recommendations for the storage of the product

  • Store the film in environments with average temperatures around 25 °C (if the temperature is above 30 °C the quality of the film may be affected)
  • Avoid locations near heat sources (the dimensional stability may be altered and problems may arise when using the product)
  • Maintain the film free of impurities
  • Do not expose the film to direct sunlight for too long

Our warranty covers the film for a period of 6 months from the date of issuance / expedition.
In case of incorrect storage of the product warranty does not apply.